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Worktops Made to Measure for your Kitchen


Our worktops come in a range of different materials, sizes, shapes and colours. Our worktops are designed to suit you and your needs. We have natural stone worktops such as granite and we also have some man made materials including out quarts marble range to give you that marble feel but not at that marble price.

How does it work?

We give you a free, no obligation quote, agree on a material/colour, template your work space/kitchen, fabricate your stone to your specifications and then our friendly installation team will install your worktop quickly and efficiently.


What if I have an island or an odd shaped worktop?

Not to worry, this is why we template using the latest technology and have expert staff who can create the perfect bespoke worktops just for you.


How can I make my worktop stand out?

Some of our semi-precious stones are translucent and can be back lit which is truly breath-taking. This additional touch will light your kitchen and make your stone surfaces pop.