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How it Works?

On this page select which type of kitchen layout you have and you will then be taken to a separate quotation form where you will be asked to fill out the measurements of your worktops and the extras that you would like such as upstands, drainer groves and holes you would like cut.

What if I cant see my kitchen?

Just select the kitchen which most resembles yours and fill the form out as best you can, you can also add in the additional requirements section of the form if there is anything extra in the kitchen or anything that was left out of the original design and we will take this into account when we template your kitchen.

What if I have an island in my kitchen?

Just select the kitchen which is closest to yours tell us that you have an island in the additional requirements and if you know the measurements for it send us them as well. If you don’t, don’t worry too much about it, we will be templating your kitchen before any work is done anyway so our team of experts will assess the kitchen and what is required before any work is carried out anyway.

Feel free to select your kitchen and fill out our free, no obligation quotation form and a member of our team will be in touch with you very soon! You can also give us a call on 0141 237 1837 or email us at sales@sigmastone.co.uk

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