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Custom made stone bathroom accessories

What can i have in my bathroom?

Stone is a great material to use in a bathroom. It can be used for things such as: shower trays, sinks, flooring, wall cladding, vanity units and much much more.


Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is great to have in your bathroom, as the stone is such a hard wearing material and not porous at all it is ideal for a room where there is a lot of moisture. Plus it gives the room an amazing and inviting look. Along with the flooring you can also purchase shower trays which can give your bathroom that wet room look.


Vanity Units

We can design beautiful vanity units for your bathroom. These vanity units can be any shape/size/colour that you would like and can fit in perfectly with any other stone products already in your bathroom. These are a great place to put common sinks or even a stone sink.


Stone Sinks

Stone sinks are the perfect edition to your bathroom. These stunning sinks look great anywhere in a bathroom and work especially well with stone vanity units. We have a wide range of sinks in different colours. Contact Us to find out more.